March 12th, 2003


"But if I get up, my butt flares!" - ramaxela

Nicole and I on the Tish/John/Greg soap opera:
jenni_the_odd: [summarizes using what little knowledge she posesses, meaning Nicole gets the Ultra-Lite Condensed version of events]
[21:28] jenni_the_odd: and I think this would all make a wonderful season of Saved by the Bell.
[21:29] my_left_toe: me too

Someone needs to make a comic about it. I think Greg was going to, but he's taking his sweet, sweet time. And I'm not even sure it was a comic about this situation.
Maybe I can just add it into the "file away for possible later use in comics" folder.

In Medical News, went to the doctor and got my innards probed (nothing weirds up a Tuesday like seeing your own ovaries). Said doctor bore an eerie resemblence to my father. Or maybe all aging, softspoken, bespectecled, rotund Hispanic men in doctor's lab coats look alike. Could be. I get to go back soon to have blood sucked out of me! Hooray! At least the nurses are all very nice.

I now have REAL orange juice (which is more yellow than orange. Huh?) and the beginnings of a sore throat. Hrm. Am tempted to get more Sunny D and put it in the fridge next to the orange juice, letting them battle it out for dominance. Except that the Sunny D probably has, like, lasers built in and stuff, and all the orange juice has is the power of vitamin C. Which isn't very helpful against lasers.

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This song saddens me. But I keep listening to it. I am beginning to very much enjoy this band.

My stomach hurts. I can't bring myself to blame the orange juice. It's already having enough issues, what with the Sunny Delight.
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