April 2nd, 2003


"...does it count as homosexual if I'm attracted to my own butt?" - feyr

No, I did not die. I just didn't post for a few days. Admittedly, that IS rare. If ever I go a week or more without posting for no easily deduced reason (i.e. no last post saying "I'm laying off LJ for a while..." etc.), assume I am dead and contact the proper authorities. Otherwise, no one would notice until I began to reeeeally smell.

My baby is in the hospital (read: car is in the shop). *snif* I miss my baby. Yes, my car is my best friend. Shaddup.

I think the best Stupid Porn Spam Title I've ever gotten, to date, is:
"Captain Jenni's Anal Adventures"
I have not laughed so hard in some time.
It also makes me think of this.

Despite the title of this entry, there will, sadly, be no hot hot mansex involving Kevin and some other guy dressed as pirates, because the prospect causes him to make this face. lepetitemort, emperor_boy, and myself are all deeply disappointed. Yet very amused by that face.

I have made an amazon.com wish list (and the book previously linked is on it), and for that, I am going to hell. At least I am too stupid to figure out how to link to it, or I might actually be tempted to post said link and go "BUY ME STUFF PLZ KTHX", and then I would have to shoot myself in the knees. And I'd like to keep my knees. They're useful buggers.

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