April 11th, 2003

hentai hat

My diet will destroy Tokyo.

*cough* Or not.
Really, I'll just be making a bunch of different soups (small servings of each) and freezing them for later eating.
Must be careful not to go nuts when buying spices. My mom has a HUGE cabinet full of various seasonings and I was very well acquainted with it. I miss it, sometimes. She used to have me taste the food, then pick out what I thought should be added. I love cooking. :] Damn, I wish I could remember what I put into those vegetarian enchiladas I made for Tish and Zach. Both of them are the kind to tell me if they hated the food, and they seemed to enjoy them. Said it actually tasted like meat... Hmmm.

Now off to wander about Central Market. I lurve Central Market. It's more pricey, so I can't afford to buy as much food (which means I have to stick to essential veggies and fruits rather than getting junk) and they give you the nutrition info for the veggies and fruits. That's the best thing ever. I love reading nutritional info. I am such a vitamin junkie, I swear - my vitamin cabinet (yes, I gave them their own little cabinet) is a scary place. I could probably live off my vitamins alone for years. I love CM, even though I constantly get those "what are you doing here?" looks from snooty middle-aged upper-class ladies out doing shopping with their perfectly tanned and toned Abercrombie & Fitch-wearing 13 year-old-but-looks-18 daughters because I do not appear to have any money (mmmm, cheap old clothing).

I'm so weird. I amuse myself by going out and frolicking amongst vegetables.
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    I should be shot. :]
I eat babies

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Happy Birthday to damonk13 and adifferentdrum!

I know I missed a birthday or two when I wasn't posting much, but I can't remember whose... Damn LJ and it's not-sending birthday reminders, and damn the lot of you for not putting your birthday in your info. :]=

In Other News, DEAR SWEET GOD OF UNHOLY CRAP! (no clicky if you're terrified of spiders, though that didn't stop me...)
There is not a big enough font, nor enough exclamation marks possible to describe the scream I'd let out if I saw that thing. *shudder* I will have NIGHTMARES.

In Shameless PlugTM news, there's two new scribbles in bravostuff.
And also, my tummy hurts.
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    just a wee bit manic... and SCARED SHITLESS OF THAT SPIDER.