April 13th, 2003


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That is the closest I've come to finding another Big Black Jacket, which is kind of sad. My current Big Black Jacket is a little longer (I think), has no side slits, and closes with metal snaps. It is made by the same company, but I guess they stopped making this style... It's been washed and worn so many times that I can no longer read the tag to tell what it's made out of or what size it is, but I'd wager this is a reasonable substitute. And only about 20 bucks, too. That pleases me. They don't have them in right now, but when they do I will probably try to get two in the largest size possible. Because I like my Big Black Jacket to be big.
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Nicole: im taking swigs of pepto-bismol from the bottle...
Nicole: i look like a confused alcoholic

jenni_the_odd: We need to make a line of common sense clothing.
Nicole: aww, but spaghetti hats could be the next leg warmers!
jenni_the_odd: ...
jenni_the_odd: Common sense says no... but my love of pasta headwear says YES

"Ewwwww, he laughed so hard he squirted milk out his nose!"
"... that's not that gross, really."
"But he was drinking apple juice at the time!"
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Kevin and I aren't together anymore.
I... I changed. I've been changing for the past year now, I think. Maybe a little longer. One aspect of this change is that I don't feel comfortable in a romantic relationship. The past few months, Kevin's been getting progressively more miserable (as those who are close to him probably noticed) due to the fact that I've been a shitty girlfriend. It's really horribly unfair to him to push him away like I was doing. I kept hoping I'd change again, and be able to be what he deserved, but that didn't happen.
It may be a stupid choice, but I frankly don't feel like I deserve him.
So... Yeah.
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