April 17th, 2003

trying to kill you with my mind

"I will suck the delicious cream filling from the twinkie of your SOUL"

What the hell. I was just possessed by Martha Stewart or my mom (sometimes I suspect they are one and the same. Well, mom tries, at least). I just made Crack Brownies*. Also made some chocolate-covered pretzels that are dipped in either mini M&Ms or toffee bits. Goddamned M&Ms wouldn't cooperate. I keel them all. I feel oddly compelled to bring them to Houston to give to mom. The pretzels command me!

I have an interview with West on Monday. This is a good thing. GNC also called back, several hours after West did. Perhaps they sensed competition for the honor of having me work for them. *snerk* Companies love me 'cause they know I can rock... Oh sweet Jeebus, shoot me now.

I have downloaded many, many episodes of "Friends". Because yes, I like "Friends". I think this means I have to relenquish any claim to gothyness that I might once have had. *sobs* I'll never be like pussinboots and lepetitemort! They're just too damn GAWTH. I shall have to go write bad poetry about it. Or send Bob to eat them. Do goths cause indigestion?

In case you couldn't tell something was up, I haven't slept since about 5 PM yesterday. The drive to Houston should be QUITE interesting.

*So called due to the fact that the icing is: 1 stick of butter, 1 box of powdered sugar, some cocoa, milk, and vanilla. You take a bite and your body just goes "TOO MUCH SUGAR" and you become diabetic. Really. Well, it seems like it. If nothing else, the sugar practically sends you into orbit.