April 26th, 2003


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A belated happy birthday to orochimike. Ah luv yew.

My stomach has decided to rebel. For no discernable reason whatsoever, food intake results in PAIN. Methinks it will be liquids and minimal eating for me until it calms down, as I have this thing where I don't really enjoy tummypain. I'm just weird like that.

In other news, I love my bike, as I have lost a bit of weight already (according to the measuring tape). Glee!

Also, I have cinnamon baking soda gum. I had to drive all over the bloody city to get it (Wal-mart didn't have it, Eckerd's didn't have it, Walgreens didn't have it... But HEB did!), but that is of no great consequence. Mmmmmmm, gum. I love this stuff.
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