May 19th, 2003


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I bleed. Raaaaaarhiss *claws at everything* This means for the next three to eight days, I hate every last one of you. Except you. And maybe you. Soon I get to start taking Yasmin and you will all join me via this LJ in my magical journey to mess even further with my body's chemical balances (or lack thereof). Yay! I know you're so excited. I just want my ankles to de-swell. It looks like there's half a golf ball on each side of my foot.

Mom is swamped at work so that means I get to play mommy this week! Or rather, until she finishes the big project-thing she's working on, which could take until the end of this week or next. Luckily for me, Emma is almost eight and remarkably self-sufficient. The other two I never see because Nicole is immersing herself in schoolwork and appears to have some sort of siamese twin-link to David (I've seen them seperately exactly three times since getting to Houston), and Gabriel only comes downstairs to feed. I just have to make sure my dad gets fed.

Tish and I discovered that Michael is NOT dead, which greatly pleased us both. He's merely been holed up in his room arranging things. He will most likely be available for viewing later this week. We have plans to prod him with sticks.
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