June 5th, 2003


Tentacles: The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

I think I'll be keeping broken_bokken in my basement with the other sex slaves. :]= I'm mostly keeping him because with blond hair, he looks like Bob, so Tish and I will dress him up a lot, I'm sure.

I need to print these out and hand them to people.

It's abnormally dark and there's thunder outside. This pleases me.

My stomach still hates me. More accurately, it hates food of every sort. This could cause some problems...

Now to shower, and then off for a fun-filled day of picking up/dropping off job applications! Wheee!
[or, if it rains as hard as it looks like it will, a fun-filled day of exercising and cleaning my apartment! Wheee!]
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trying to kill you with my mind

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Only in my social group can you utter the phrase "Speaking of Jesus, how're the gerbils?" and make perfect sense.

God help us all, Gabriel now has a journal. He is dontbeatme. Appropriate, for those who have seen Nicole and I interact with him. :D He knows to fear my trout.
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