June 26th, 2003


My ovaries laugh in the face of modern medicine. AH-haha! AH-haha! AH-haha!

... my ovaries also laugh like Mandark. Are you really that surprised?

Tish and I were so sad to find that the store where our trout were originally purchased no longer seems to carry them...
But now I've found them online, and soon I shall save up the money to buy a few of them and begin making purses. :D Would YOU want a troutpurse? I bet you would.

Speaking of the trout, I'm sure it will be quite happy to hear this.

It amuses me that Michael asked me what's happened in my life over the past few months and I started talking about everyone else. It makes sense, really. I don't do anything.

My apartment smells like delicious cranberry, as the candle that made it smell like delicious vanilla finally died. Mmmm, cranberry. Sadly, my apartment tastes NOTHING like cranberry. I know, I was shocked, too.

I am drinking from the happiest cup in the world. It's covered in smiley faces, and it even has a happy little straw. I drew fangs on some of the smileys. I quite miss my smiley pendant; I could get it online, but I'd have to buy $20 worth of stuff, since they have a minimum order amount. And I have no need for 48 pendants (or DO I?) nor most of the other things they sell. Okay, the plastic goldfish are really cute, but again, I don't need several dozen of them.
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