July 14th, 2003


(no subject)

Did not sleep last night.
Went to work today to discover that I am one of the group picked to do not just the application info verification... but taking the whole application. Cue panic attack. That is a LOT more responsibility than I feel comfortable handling, because I am positive I will fuck something up horribly. It's what I do. I will wait out training, and if I absolutely cannot handle taking calls next Wednesday when we are supposed to start, I will quit.
Went to see my family, they're having a wacky time of it, as per usual. The look on my parents' faces when they watch us is great - somewhere between amusement and "I can't believe my genes made that." I have managed to talk my mom into possibly taking our entire family to see Pirates of the Caribbean (Nicole has already seen it three times. That's my sis!) tomorrow. JOY.
My eyes burn like all hell. I should sleep now in order not to die.