September 5th, 2003

hentai hat

Continuing on the "Sex with Robots" theme...

Used to be every time I saw David, he cheered up a bit. It was thus determined that I was some form of Geek Prozac.
Now, every time I see him, he falls asleep. D00d - either I've gotten extraordinarily boring, or I'm Geek Valium.

I have eaten half a jar of Spinach and Cheese tomato sauce for dinner. Mmmmm, sauce. Sauce is a damn good dinner, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Just to be contrary, I LIKE LJ's new look. HAH.
But I am a timid creature who fears change, and so I keep it like it was.

HAHAHAHHAHA Combining Pirates of the Caribbean and Muppet Treasure Island makes for a VERY happy Jenni.

... the straw in my diet vanilla pepsi just made a valiant leap from my glass onto my hand. I think it loves me. I shall name it Albert.
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