September 6th, 2003

I eat babies

Stark. Raving. SANE.

Hrm. Supposed to go to David's tonight.
Dammit, that means putting on pants, and I'm a lazy bastich.

RAISINS! I have a bag full 'o RAISINS! 4.5 lbs of RAISINS! (If you think seeing me type RAISINS constantly in all caps is moderately amusing, you should hear how it sounds in my head. RAISINS!)
On that note (not the RAISINS, the how-it-sounds-in-my-head) I sometimes think an audioblog would be a better choice for me than a written one. Maybe just a videocamera focused on my face. Or maybe it's because I like talking to myself. I don't mind sounding stupid to a recording, or if I'm the only one around me. When there's another warm body nearby, I clam up because I know I sound like a moron. I also make such attempts to enunciate clearly* that I tend to come closer to a British accept than a proper Texan one (particularly when I'm feeling snarky). Or maybe that's just the result of seeing "Mary Poppins" one too many times as a small child. But I'm not so sure the whole idea would work, as I think there are a few people who list me as a friend who have varying degrees of hearing impairment, and they might feel left out. Perhaps subtitles...

*cough* anyway, back to Things That Have Some Tie To The Real World...
Oooooh, 13 days 'til 'Talk Like a Pirate' day!

Note to self: Robot sex makes Michael's brain melt down to a puddle of confusion.

*I apparently had a speech impediment of some sort as a child, I actually saw a speech therapist to help me learn how to speak properly. I found the notebook from that class years ago while cleaning out a closet. The lady who taught me offered to teach me how to read (I was three), but my parents turned it down. I learned within a year on my own, anyway. Not so sure the speech therapy did me a whole lot of good now, as people who know me are familiar with my occasional complete inability to speak English (this wouldn't be so bad if I were speaking another language instead. Wouldn't it be great if it turned out that my unintentional gibbering is actually the native language of some rare African tribe? Yes, it would).
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