September 11th, 2003


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David has offered me sanctuary in his room, devoid of TV and radio.
Am probably going to take him up on the offer.
My patriotism for the day won't extend much further than maybe reading Captain America comics.
Better honest apathy than feigned sympathy.
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For some reason, this past Saturday I was convinced that it was June, and that Father's Day was approaching. I didn't look in my weird little day-planner thingymabobber which I probably like entirely too much because it lets me organize everything, because I thought "no, it's September. So they wouldn't show when Father's Day is". I then looked online. June 15th, 2003. I relaxed. Because I realized I had a week to prepare. Or at least, I did in the weird world I live in, where September can ALSO BE JUNE.
Two days later, I realized it was September, and only September. I think I need more sleep.

This shirt, from T-Shirts that Suck, WILL BE MINE. Oh yes. Everyone should have that shirt. EVERYONE.
Ditto for the "Hooray for Boobies!" shirt. :D

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is playing in SA this Saturday at Palo Alto college. WOOOO! David and I are going, hopefully*. Yeeeeeeeeeees. I lurve me my Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

*Have been quite anxious of late for no discernable reason. Constantly looking around, shaking, worrying about -literally- NOTHING. I do not leave my apartment unless it's for school, or sometimes David's. I have even taken to driving to school, though it is a short walk, because I can't stand walking through the crowded parking lot. When people see you walking, they see you. When you drive, they see you as a car, almost never taking stock of the creature at the wheel. I would rather be a blue suburban than myself. I have made attempts to go to the store, I sometimes get as far as parking, but nine times out of ten I wind up not leaving my car, my lovely metal sanctuary that keeps me from the outside world. When I return, I cannot park far away unless the parking lot is deserted; if there is a large group of people hanging around outside, I will drive around until they disperse. I then walk quickly into my apartment, head down. This results in me getting home very late sometimes. I have become a wimp, and I do not like this.

Attempts to lose weight are being foiled. Not because I'm not exercising, or not eating properly, or any of that. They are being foiled because my body simply decides to DEFY ALL LOGIC AND EXPAND FOR NO REASON. This is more incredibly frustrating than I can put into words. Guess this means I need to go back on a full dosage of glucophage. Sure, it made my tummy angry, but at least I lost weight. Rgh. Need to schedule a doctor's appointment to get some more. In the meantime, back on the bike for more futile attempts at calorie-burning.
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