September 16th, 2003


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I am making low-carb macaroni and cheese, which subsitutes bits of tofu for noodles. The potential for disaster is enormous.

UTSA has an "Asian Ethnology Association", which I suspect is a fancy way of saying "Anime club", much like the "Japanese Culture Club" (a name which now brings to mind the guys of "Yatta" dressed as Boy George) was in my high school. Anyway, they are meeting on Friday, showing anime, and there were Naruto characters on the poster. I recognized the headband, and I blame driftingfocus and lepetitemort for the fact that I could do so. Am now trying to decide whether my basic "I have no real desire to see people" tendencies win over the Call of Geek. Which is a lot like the Call of the Wild, except for that it bathes less often and knows C++.

DeviantArt's "LOOK AT OUR AD FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS BEFORE YOU CAN SEE ANYTHING" bit is very aggravating. I'd buy a subscription but (a) I don't have the cash, (b) I don't use DA all *that* much, and (c) I feel like it would be rewarding bad behavior. If there is a way to swat DA with a newspaper, I'd like to know of it...

David and I saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead on Saturday. We wanted to take the cast home with us. Guildenstern was adorable (David remarked that I seem to suddenly have a fondness for redheaded guys with beards). All of them were great. We were also the only people in the theater who were not friends, significant others, or family of someone in the cast. Eep.
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