September 21st, 2003

Sparky the Dancing Crack Owl!

Roses are red/Violets are blue/All my base/Are belong to you! - Gabriel, or whoever he stole it from

I wanted vegetables. So, soon after waking, I went out and got vegetables. In an attempt to thin the population of San Antonio, I did not brush my hair first. I'm fairly sure it ate several ill-mannered small children and their parents as I wandered through produce. No great loss for society.

Oh god, someone keep me from buying cinnamon Life cereal! It's like cinnamon-flavored crack! AIIEEE! *snarf, gobble, munch, and other similar words*

Lo, I have stumbled upon the perfect costume for wogs this Halloween. She can even pin a nametag saying "Grant" onto the legs. Hee.

A belated happy birthday to aeire, the wench! :D

In Other News, David thinks I've gone mad. I see no reason to attempt to convince him otherwise:
jenni_the_odd: Think of the fun we could have.
jenni_the_odd: THINK OF IT
neron: mhmm
jenni_the_odd: And if we get enough people (and enough cash), we could have HERDS OF ROVING VAGINAS running through San Antonio
jenni_the_odd: ANd put them all on scooters.
jenni_the_odd: VAGINAS ON SCOOTERS.
neron: ...
neron: crack kills

jenni_the_odd: You KNOW you'd laugh if you were driving down teh street and saw a large group of people dressed as vaginas, on scooters, rolling down the sidewalk.
neron: sure
jenni_the_odd: And if anyone asks, we're just a Georgia O'Keeffe painting.
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