September 25th, 2003

hentai hat

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In Houston.

Weird dream - buhfly, neonid, feyr, emperor_boy and I all worked together at some sort of call center. buhfly got a call that made her cry, and so neonid tried to comfort her while feyr suggested we take some time off and go to the lake (what lake? I dunno. THE lake. Dun dun DUNNN). So we did. neonid kept hitting on buhfly the whole time and it irritated me because they kept wandering off to take walks together and I was going nuts trying to keep people from getting lost.
This is particularly weird since I have no earthly idea what buhfly looks like...

Happy birthday to dinnercakes! *gnaws upon your head*

I have apparently become incapable of sleeping in this house during daylight hours. I keep waking up at 5 AM. It continuously startles and confuses Nicole to see me roaming about before the sun has risen.

I have pineapple, a bottle of water, and a yard full of lizards. Life is good.
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