October 8th, 2003

I eat babies

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So I'm not taking the lexapro. Mom did urge me to go see someone, though. When next I go to the gynocologist (probably soon. I'm becoming very familiar with that exam room) I am to ask if he can recommend anyone. Lovely.

Problem is, I don't discuss the details of what goes on in my head (at least, that which might be relevant in determining if there is actually something wrong with my head) with 95% of the people I know, why on earth would I do so with a stranger? Particularly a stranger who is getting *paid* to listen to me babble? The mind boggles.
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"My god, you blew up Congress! And...what IS that smell?" "Lilacs." - the Aventures of EstroJenn

jenni_the_odd: Little things please me.
jenni_the_odd: Like juice.
jenni_the_odd: And frogs.
ramaxela: And cock.
ramaxela: ...

Oh, but you did, Alex. You did.

Have taken tashasworld's advice, and am seeking to remedy my life with the use of chocolate.
Or was before my body decided that no, it wasn't having any chocolate either - this week it seems determined to immediately reject any form of food I attempt to give it. It frustrates me to no end that though I've been living off tea, coffee, the occasional bit of juice, and a whole lotta water for the past few days, I have lost NO WEIGHT. Not even a quarter of an inch from ANYWHERE.
The cramps sans actual period aren't making things much better, either. If my body were a seperate entity, I would keep it just barely alive in a cage and stab it every so often with glass shards on the end of a stick. It would deserve it.

My temperature is 99.7. I thought I would share that.
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