October 21st, 2003


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I actually participate in most memes and take most quizzes, I just rarely post them. The latest "Sexual compatibility" meme proves once more than I should never have sex with anyone, EVER. No one is more than 45% compatible with me, with Michael having the high score. I am so amused by this that it hurts my stomach with the laughing. Fortunately for Michael, he lives in another city and my possibilities for heckling him are somewhat limited.

Halloween! I love Halloween. I just like having everything be filled with bats and skulls. Especially the bats. I enjoy bats. Costumes, too. It has been speculated that once I lose weight, every day will be Halloween for me. And that is quite correct. Except with less candy, because more often than not it makes me ill. Ironically, I don't do anything on Halloween. No kids come trick-or-treating, as there are maybe two children in the entire complex; and I'm not big on parties and whatnot. So I sit here and roll about in velvet juice like the closet goth I am. :]=

I am making this to use up the pasta that resides in my cupboards. Except that after 15 minutes of prowling the aisles in HEB, I could not locate sun-dried tomatoes, and so fresh tomatoes will be substituted. If this, for some reason, triggers the apocalypse, well, blame HEB for not having sun-dried tomatoes.
[Life is much more interesting once you convince yourself that the fate of the world hangs on what you're cooking for dinner.]
Once the leftovers of that are gone, probably Thursday, I will cook this. Yum.
In case you cannot tell, I've been going a bit mad with the cooking lately. Anyone have any good recipes they'd like to share?