November 4th, 2003


I'm not dead, so quit poking me with that stick

I just lead a very boring and uneventful life, and thus have nothing to actually *say* in this journal. Well, I suppose I could list my daily activities, but "woke up. Bathed. Had a sandwich. Went to class. Arranged fruit in a bowl. Watched it rot. Checked LJ. Slaughtered hordes of the undead" would get tiresome after a bit. I mean, it's boring to the point where I don't bother recording it for my own memories. That's pretty boring.

Had dinner with jenndolari and neron last night. Our table was a black hole of geekiness from which nothing could escape. :D We had originally planned on trying Indian food, as I have never had it and Jenn insisted, but the places we went to were either... not-there, or closed. We wound up eating tasty Chinese food instead. There were blinky lights on the wall opposite me, and I kept staring at them, completely mesmerized. That's all it takes, is blinky lights, folks. We wound up staying at the restauraunt something like five hours- that's a lotta geek-talk. According to David and Jenn, there are approximately 207,181,191,190 movies/television shows I must watch, now. To begin with, I have downloaded the first 10 episodes of Clone High. Mostly because the premise of the show makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.

jenni_the_odd: English muffins are so cute.
jenni_the_odd: I make my english muffins talk.
ramaxela: Hey - a talking muffin!
jenni_the_odd: They usually say things like "Don't eat me!"
jenni_the_odd: and "MY GOD WHY?"
jenni_the_odd: and "SHE GOT SAMMY! OH GOD, SAMMY! I LOVED YOU!"
jenni_the_odd: Then I put them in a plastic bag 'til the screaming stops.
jenni_the_odd: *bug-eyed earl stare*
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