December 4th, 2003


Phone Post:

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“So I'm jumping on the bad...BANDwagon, and making an audio post. How wonderful is that, the first thing I say I mess up? I...I really can't speak English, which is sad, because I can't speak any other languages, so unless my wild gesticulations manage to convey my meaning, I'm kinda screwed.

This is what happens when you don't interact with people on a daily basis, you forget how to speak. Just entirely. I-I-I once spent about an hour tryin' to figure out a word for a fork. I couldn't remember the work 'fork.' I was holding one, I was eating with it, and I didn't know what it was. That's just sad. I'm actually posting this because I just spent a-a couple minutes arguing with Alex. I said I sound like a dork on the phone, or on my answering machine, just when recorded I just sound stupid, and he argues that I don't. So I'm going to have to ask you, do I sound silly, stupid, like a dork, whatever you want to call it, or not? And that I-I think I should win. I-I think I very much do sound very much like a dork, and I just really want to win an arguement, because I never win arguements! *cracking up*

I've known Michael, for example, I've known him for ten years, and I've never won an arguement with him. Never. I-I want to beat him with sticks, but that wouldn't really win me an arguement it would...just would make me feel a lot better. But that's okay.

No beating with sticks for him because he turned 20 yesterday, it was his 20th birthday. So, yay for him, we're all getting old. And the people who I have now on on my friends list who are over 30 are now wanting to beat me with pointy sticks, bec *laughs* because to them, 20 is not that ol... but well, you know, I'm used to dealing with my siblings, who are 16, to me, 20 seems a bit up there. So I'll just call Michael grandpa for a while. And then in a couple months I'll ... I'll be up there with him. That's kinda sad.

So lacking topics, any topics, I have nothing to talk about, I'm just gonna end this here and now.”

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Wow, lepetitemort's transcription of my phone post accurately captured my stutter. GO HER.
Seriously, I have the hardest time speaking. Moreso on the phone. And Tish tells me I sound like I have a lisp because I'm trying so hard not to mispronounce things. And I am. I usually am, on the phone. Because I do it SO DAMNED OFTEN.

Alex has been overruled. GO ME!
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