December 10th, 2003


Once again, I'm not dead... honest. I mean it this time.

Well, not yet. That depends on my final exam grades. Meep.

I'm currently in Houston, I'll be playing Mommy for the next few days, as my mother is having surgery on her foot today, and will thus use me to rule as opposed to hopping around on one foot and painkillers and attempting to be in charge. :D
I dropped her off a while ago, with instructions to be good and not give the doctors too much sass.

Soon as Emma gets home from school we'll probably go wait for her.

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... aaand not ten minutes after I posted that, she hobbles in. Dad apparently was there, which is why no one called me to say she was out of surgery (I was getting ready to leave with Emma and/or Gabe when they showed up). Mom's set up camp on the couch with some spinach miso soup, coffee, and a lot of water (she wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything from midnight last night until her surgery, so she was VERY thirsty). She appears to be awake and pretty comfy, and is gabbing on the phone with her friends. :D

I now give you this, uncut, because it's the best result, EVER.
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*wiggles her tiny, useless forearms*