December 13th, 2003

Sparky the Dancing Crack Owl!

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It's running in Houston until Jan. 11. Actually, a lot of the productions that Stages is putting on this month/January look interesting. I lurve theater.

Alex (ramaxela) is ill. Pobrecito. Someone closer to him, go cook him some chicken soup. I'll give you my mother's recipe, it is TASTY.

Gabriel and I are sick, sick individuals. We're looking for marching band uniforms on ebay. We should be shot.

This is extremely interesting, and I'm mostly posting it now so I can click on the link and contemplate it more thoroughly on my home computer. In reality, this is why I link a lot of things I do. Not so much to share them with you people, to compensate for my terrible memory. Hell, that's the reason I have an LJ in the first place...
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