May 29th, 2004


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One day I will decorate my livingspace in "LJ Friends List". I've got so many artists friended that I could easily cover a house if I could find the monies to commission enough of them. You should do the same. Love the artists. Give the artists money, and you will get pretty things. And lurve.
jenni_the_odd: I will gladly give you monies for arts.
I am unsure of the legality in giving monies for lurve...
happymrlocust: well... arts it is then
jenni_the_odd: Though if you have any free lurve just lying about the place...

Silbings are now out of school, which means our house will be a lot louder very shortly. Training the puppy is going to be our main task for the summer, as she needs to be taught how to behave before she gets big enough to stomp all over us.

Received the comic that is the deliciously unholy union of painispretty and ameinias's creative efforts (several weeks ago, actually, it got here pretty quickly), and it is enjoyable. My dad decreed that it was porn. Nicole and I looked at the comic (which has all of one image of undressed people, which shows nothing naughty) and then tried to discern what, exactly, my father thinks porn is.

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I have green tea lotion and soap. I smell delicious. It's from this place, and smells lovely, as does the 'rum nut cake' soap they tossed in for free (how sweet of them). Am restraining myself from purchasing a buttload of different scents from them, now. The products are vegan (or at least the majority of them are, I am pretty sure the only exceptions are a few honey soaps), for those of you for whom that is an issue, and they shipped really quickly. I am now worried that I will smell my arm and try to eat it in my sleep, which could have some very interesting results.

I have had a lovely dinner of about 20 tortilla chips and roughly 2 cups (possibly more) of salsa. I loves me some salsa. BRING ON THE SALSA. I need to learn to make my own, in mass quantities. I will put it on almost anything and have been known to eat it straight. There's just nothing like good salsa.

For those who are interested, I uploaded a ridiculous number of scribbles to my scrapbook on DeviantArt. Dunno when the scrapbook feature started, or if it's been there the entire time I've been on DA, but I never noticed it before. A few have been posted on bravostuff, but a few have never been exposed to the harsh light of the internet before now. Some are possibly over three years old, some are as recent as ... six months ago or so, I think.

Gabriel suggested redoing bravostuff and making it a place for all Bravo's creative output, not just mine. Might do that sometime, if he ever finds a reliable host for his music. *watches everyone leave the community* Get back there, he's entertaining.
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