June 24th, 2004


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Happy Birthday to the wenchiest wench what ever wenchedramaxela! *lurve*
He was Hamlet, you know.

Am writing this at work. So sneaky.
... Well, not really. I mean, Boss-Lady is sitting right next to me, and as there's currently not much else to do, she doesn't mind. She's checking her email, too, so I'm allowed. :D

Have discovered the lovehamlet community, and it pleases me. As does this. Hee!

Also, lepetitemort has written a 300 year-old "Your mom!" joke. Please worship her accordingly.

Heading back to SA today. I was contemplating possibly waiting until the storms we've been having clear up, but the forecast is for thunderstorms for the next week for Houston and San Antonio. So weather be damned, I'm going.