July 21st, 2004

trying to kill you with my mind

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Oooh! I've now had my first known instance of an icon of mine (default one) being used without permission! I feel special. This is different from the ML icons, which I encourage people to use freely so long as they don't claim they drew 'em. I've seen a few of those around LJ, and it always makes me go "eee!"
It's not one of my better icons, and is actually pretty old. Old enough to smack of OMGOTH, as most things I made during my senior year of high school did. It my lips from a photo of me, traced in photoshop with a mouse (note the shaky edges) with a tongue and some sort of blood-like substance added. As I said, not one of my better creations. It looks all off-center, too. Blech.

Have begun drawing a bit again. The new sketchbooks helps. The old one was full of memories of frustration. And was also distinctly lacking in empty pages, which is the real reason for the new one. But still. Looking at my old sketchbooks is weird because you can see very distinct jumps in style rather than slow changes here and there. There might have been a day between when I filled one sketchbook and moved to the next, but the styles will be radically different from one to the other. You can also see where I started watching anime, where I started reading the Evangelion manga, where I started trying to emulate pussinboots' black and white pen work, and where I started reading Strangers in Paradies and began leaving the more cartoony influences in favor of attempts at realism. There are also a number of positively embarassing pictures, a few characters that either no longer exist or changed drastically, and about a hundred pictures that desperately need redrawn. You can see some of the evolution of ML (up until about when it was first put online) here in bravostuff There are actually some characters I haven't drawn in *years* at this point.

Also, there are lizards everywhere in our yard. EVERYWHERE. Walk outside, odds are you can see at least three basking in various places. We also have a large antisocial frog (or possibly toad, though Nicole claims frog) who lives by the pool. Every time we walk by, he jumps in and stays in the deep end until we go away. We are not sure why he does this, but every time we'll hear a "splash!" and see a froglike blur swimming like mad towards the bottom, and then just hovering.
The tadpoles from the ditch out front have also turned into frogs. Little teeny-tiny frogs about the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil. They are awesome. And they make me nervous about walking in the yard, because I do not want to squish them.

I am so tired that I see everything twice. I need to unload all the party stuff from my car now (in communist Russia, birthday parties plan YOU). Emma got some kickass presents. Including a CSI: Miami DVD, which she will love because she is a huge CSI fan. She is the coolest eight (nine tomorrow)-year old that I know. :D
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