January 16th, 2005


Return of the Entry from the Day LJ Stood Still

Well, there was an entry here, but LJ ate it up like the tasty morsel it was.

And let me tell you, it was tasty.

It included the following:
  • I sometimes think that if ever I had a child, I would name them something ordinary, like John, or Mary. And then insist that everyone pronounce it "Batman".
  • Thoughts like the above indicate to me that I ought to look into permanent forms of birth control.
  • The recipe for spinach bread, which I will probably post at some point along with a whole mass of delicious recipes I have accumulated. So much tasty. I will post them and then no one will ever wonder again why anyone in my family is fat.
  • Amazement that my doggie is still the cutest widdle puppy-wuppy in da whole wide world, yes she is!
  • ... *cough* Sorry. That happens when I am overexposed to Belle.
  • General acknowledgement that LJ was indeed gone for a day and OH MY SWEET JAYZUS how I missed it.
  • Envy of my brother's Team Exploding shirt. Kitty!
  • An observation that while Jack-in-the-Box's chicken pita things are okay, I would sell Gato for bucketfuls of their salsa. Such tasty salsa. We loves it...
  • The villainess in Bible Black bears an eerie resemblance to Makenzie. More stereotypically anime-ish, but nonetheless. This means that when she spontaneously sprouted a penis, I almost died laughing. I mean, porn is funny to start with. Porn involving characters that look like yours is too funny to allow breathing.
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