January 30th, 2005

Sweet Transvestite...

"She lies, that was the kitten rape picture." - ramaxela

Unfortunate: My body disliking moderate to large quantities of dairy products.
More unfortunate: My body harboring that same dislike for  soy products.
I cannot win. *shakes fist*

Last night was the high school band's Winter Ball. The theme? 80's. Claudia was the most 80's-riffic human being, ever. She could not have been more 80s had she been in the right decade.
Steven (scorpio9574) found an old marching band uniform from somewhere at Value Village. The jacket was eerily reminiscient of Michael Jackson's weird uniform-thing. So naturally we found him some sunglasses and one white glove (we are a band family. The seat of the bench in the hallway lifts to reveal a storage space for mittens, scarves, etc - it held about 20 band gloves). I added the final touch before he went out the door - white face paint. He could wiggle properly, but... well, I asked him not to sing. I begged Alex to walk around on his knees as Steven's date, but he would not. >____>
Gabe was wearing a collection of clothing that nearly made my eyes bleed, and put on eyeliner a la A Clockwork Orange for reasons I was not clear on. We determined that he has really lovely eyes when wearing eyeliner. My brother has prettier eyes than me. Nofair. :(

I keep playing with the melted wax from this candle. I poured it over my arm - hee! Now I have an exoskeleton!
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    Michael Jackson - Thriller (and yes, I am doing the dance. SHUT UP.)