March 24th, 2005


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The closer Tapioca Tea place has a lychee drink that is *delicious*. Lychee is now my favorite fruit, I think. OM NOM NOM NOM. Well, drink, so SLURRRRP.

Now for Continuing Adventures in PDA Sightings From My Car!
Saw a couple in the Krogers parking lot who were either having sex in their car, or practicing some bizzare form of Front Seat Yoga. Possibly both at once. I stared long enough to figure out what was going on and then drove to another parking spot to prevent myself from doing something to embarrass them. Like, say, honking my horn. >___>

I love it when Alex zooms by on the scooter, followed rapidly by a *thud* and an "OW!"

Hell is trudging through a department store with my youngest sister (nine going on sixteen, I swear), who loves shopping and clothes and shoes but is so far beyond either 'indecisive' or 'picky' that I feel the need to create new words. After two and a half hours, we found her a nice Easter outfit in the last 5 minutes we spent in the store.

Tablet pen has been missing for over three weeks now. I suspect the dog nabbed it when I wasn't looking, chewed it up, and deposited it somewhere I will never find it. Thank god for eBayScrew eBay, I can't seem to find any pen-only auctions. Might as well buy a replacement directly from Wacom. But even then there is the question of whether it is worth it to spend $30 on a tablet pen I may or may not even use.

Have two tests, a quiz, and a project due next week. Commence flailing Kermit the Frog arms and incoherent yelling.
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