May 10th, 2005


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Anyone got a suggestion for a decent-quality scanner? Preferably one with settings between "Ignore all light colors and oversaturate the bitch" and "EVERYTHING IS DARK LIKE MY SOUL (AND YOU STILL GET NONE OF YOUR DETAIL LINES)"?
As a result of this travesty of scanning (IT SUCKED OUT 90% OF HER SKIN COLOR, WTF) my scanner and I are no longer on speaking terms. In terms of putting up the comic, the scanner is more important than the tablet - I can color with a mouse (several original ML pages were colored that way) in photoshop, I just don't want to because it takes a long time and then my hand is a cramped-up claw for the next few hours. But without a proper scanner, I can't even get the artwork onto the computer in the first place.
Technically I COULD draw straight onto the computer with the tablet. Hrm. That would probably require my getting a decent tablet instead of sticking with my old, next-to-no sensitivity one (though that issue might be fixed if I buy a new pen). It would also require my learning how to draw that way, since I've previously mainly used the thing for coloring and not a whole lot else.

Poll #490983 Input Device!

I should save up for a...

New tablet
New scanner
Just get the tablet pen
New tablet AND scanner!

And the brand/model I should get is...

Box del Ticky?

tick-tick TICKYBOX
Tickyboxes are for heathens!
Mmmm, tickybox.
My lawyer has advised me not to comment on tickyboxes.

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Okay, according to the poll, there are three enthusiastic votes for  Canon, three votes for a Hewlett-Packard, two for Epson, and one for something called a Umax Astra. Everyone suggesting a tablet suggested a Wacom (usually a Wacom Intuos of some flavor).
There are also nine of you under legal counsel to avoid tickyboxes. o_O

Saving is commencing, but will go slowly. Working six hours a week kind of slaughters your paycheck. If I thought there could possibly be any money in it, I'd consider selling artwork. But I doubt there'd be enough of a market for it to be worth it.

Ughhh, two finals tomorrow. Then done for... almost a month, until summer classes start. Fun.

Here, have a page 107 thumbnail.
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