July 7th, 2005


(no subject)

I didn't find out about the London bombings until just now, after getting home. Thoughts and prayers, such as I have, for those injured and the families of those killed.

I would ask if everyone form London on my friendslist is okay, but I realized I've no idea how many of you are from London. I know some of you are from the UK, but beyond that I'm not sure.
And the "are you okay, ohgod who didn't reply ARE THEY OKAY SOMEONE TELL ME" method of making sure no one is hurt or killed does not work when you don't know how many replies there ought to be.

Judging by the news sites and LJ, though, I must say the British are (as always) pretty awesome. America would be freaking the fuck out. For most of the Brits, it's quiet, dignified rage, then dealing and moving on.