November 15th, 2005

Poisoning pigeons in the park!

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More Conversations I Have Had.

d00d, the author/artist of get_medieval has another comic: extd_grb_injoke. YAY.
By the by, Get Medieval can now be purchased in delicious book form. I'm gonna get one. Mmmmm, comic book. Mmmmm, supporting webcomic artists. TASTES LIKE HAPPY, IT DOES*.

Hah - this Catena strip reminds me of karjack. Both she and the strip have managed to make spiders seem... cute.

*Yes, I've had caffeine and sugar today. What? WHAT?

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It's raining - a beautiful thunderstorm. Everything is gray and wet. It's pouring.

But I'm not happy, because Belle got out this morning and hasn't been found yet.

She doesn't like rain.
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