November 30th, 2005


Teeth and blah.

I need to go to the dentist. I am reasonably sure part of one of my teeth has actually broken (there is a pointy spot). There is no nerve exposed or anything, since I can poke it endlessly without pain and it is only a very tiny chip if anything, but I am sure that a broken tooth cannot be good. It probably does not help that I am constantly worrying it with my tongue or trying to poke at it while looking in the bathroom mirror. Also, have not been in a while. Also also, am prone to cavities due to teeth being RIDICULOUSLY close together. As in, flossing not physically possible, no matter how the dentist attacks. Also also also the stomach acid creeping up my throat quite a bit cannot be good for tooth enamel, I am sure. Also also also... *checks* also, I grind my teeth without realizing it, which I am sure is also bad for them. I just am not sure how. But I do - I used to wake up with horrible headaches and an aching jaw and it took me a while to realize I was grinding 'em in my sleep. The teeth, they are crazy sensitive, too - they hurt sometimes if I eat sugary things and there are days when I dare not even attempt to drink anything with ice. I brush at least twice a day, avoid soda, try not to eat too many sugary things (and when I do I feel yucky until there is the brushing again, which usually follows pretty quickly) and I am still certain there are cavities lurking. Because that is what my mouth DOES. Stupid mouth. But putting it off will not help matters. I will wait until after finals, so that I do not have weird mouth feeling or pain while trying to take tests, but after that comes the dentistry. Oog. ;__;

I do not want to go to Economics. I love the teacher, I enjoy and understand the class... but my classmates make every Monday and Wednesday from 4 to 5:30 a slow-moving nightmare of stupidity. They are all nice people, but a few of them need to not  breed, plz kthx.

GAH THERE GOES THE STOMACH AGAIN. Ugh. I hate that - I randomly throw up a little bit, or start to - just from clearing my throat - because the stomach contents were starting to creep up. It mostly leaves me alone if I don't eat, but I ate lunch today, so it's freaking out. Stupid stomach. STFU and digest.
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