January 12th, 2006

Cooking and recipes

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List of To-Doing
  • Mail Christmas Holiday New Year's January presents. >____> DONE!
  • Plan diet. Mmm, diet. DONE!
  • Make delicious Broccoli Cheese Soup DONE!
  • Make some sort of effort to clean out desk DONE!
  • Draw some of the New Year's Resolutions that bring the funny

    And now, to cook! Hooray!
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    Art 100 for 2006. YAY!

    Hokay. So. bunny03 had this  idea to use the Fanart/fic 100 (wherein there are 100 prompts, and you are supposed to write fic/ draw pic for your particular fandom for each prompt) for her original characters. This is a fantastic idea, and I'ma steal it. Yes. I'll be doing it using ML. Because I am slow and creaky like the wizened desert tortoise, I'll be giving myself the whole year. One picture every 3.65 days. I think I can do that. Keep in mind I will probably be drawing stuff that ISN'T related to this, as well. At least, in theory. And if I finish early, I'll do it again for a different comic. Seeing Purple People probably has enough content to it that I could pull this off.

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    I'll be updating it throughout the however-long-it-takes-me, though the individual drawings will be posted here and there to bravostuff (reminder, if you want to see non-journalcomic art, that's where it gets posted. I rarely use DeviantArt anymore, since I like LJ's photohosting much better).