August 13th, 2007


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Am largely untouched by the latest round of LJ-drama, mainly due to not being involved in fandom. Even if I was churning out Potter Pr0n like there's no tomorrow, LJ/SA still have the right to forbid anything they damn well feel like. This includes fan communities, pro-ana, or groups dedicated to posting pictures of kittens, if they so choose. Deal. As it is, I can't find it in me to give a damn, so.

School starts in about nine days. Hooray, or something. I'll be taking Business Communications, E-Business, Senior Seminar, Screenwriting, Irish Film & Lit, and working on the school literary magazine. This will be my only semester where classes I have a decent chance of enjoying (sure, writing and group critiques stress me out like no other, but at least they're fun when I'm not the one reading) are equal in number to business classes. Should be interesting to see whether my English brain turns off my Business Brain (poor business brain. It has an IQ of about three, anyway) or vice versa. Either way, I expect to do horribly in one department and decently in the other until about mid-semester, when it will hopefully balance out.

This will be my last semester. I should probably be excited about that.

Grad schools all seem to want work experience before they let you enroll in an MBA program. St. Thomas, bless them, does not, so here's hoping. Also, though I've got exactly zero chance of getting in, I suspect my dad would explode with joy if Rice accepted me. None of us are quite sure why my dad loves that school so much, but every time grad school is mentioned, he brings up "Rice" every third word or so. I would totally be the favorite.