September 11th, 2008



Houston/Galveston/Gulf Coastal People:
Do y'all have someplace safe to get to? Ike's only looking like a category 3, but it might well hit us dead-on, and a category 3 hurricane is nothing to sneeze at.
Text me if you need someplace to be, and I'll do what I can. The wind and rain should start up tomorrow by noonish, and by 3 or so we're locking up. We've got lots of water and supplies.

Currently, it is looking like our house will contain:
5 Bravo core family members (Mom, Dad, Gabe, Emma, myself)
2 grandparents
3 aunts/uncles (one set of aunt/uncle, one aunt. Corresponding uncle is away on business)
1 youth minister
4 dogs (Butterdog, the youth minister's two beagles, and my aunt and uncles lab/other mix, Lacey)
1 hamster (Sergeant Sprinkles the Emo Hamster)

It is going to be a craaaaazy weekend.