December 28th, 2008



Rachel Dukes, aka poisonrational, needs to raise a bit of money to help cover bills. She is offering original art on her Etsy store, custom buttons, custom screenprinting services, and several pre-made shirts and comics for sale.
In addition, she is selling some awesome things (including a Strangers in Paradise print. See Jenni. See Jenni covet) and art commissions.

So if you've felt like the walls of your home or office have been sad and bare, and would be greatly improved with the addition of a Dr. Horrible sketch, or if you still feel that Pluto is a planet, goshdarnit, or that emo kids eat babies (and they do), check out her shops. I can attest to the quality of her shirts and buttons, as well as to her professional and prompt response to the orders she receives.

End-of-Year Meme, v. 2008

Stolen from so many people. Here is 2007's version, for comparison purposes.
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*Please spare me the "OMG BIRTH CONTROL" comments. I've tried hormonal BC. It makes me crazy and suicidal, without actually regulating the period. Not fun times.
** Emma and myself, in the AT&T store:
Me: Well, if you get an iPhone, there will be no pony for Christmas.
Emma: I'm getting a pony?
Me: I am not at liberty to speak about the pony. But know that it is either the pony or an iPhone. iPhones are expensive.
Emma: Isn't a pony like, thousands of dollars?
Me: Well, it's kind of a crappy pony.
Emma: Aww.
Me: One of it's legs is a broom.
Emma: ...
Me: We keep it in the closet.
Emma: Oh, no!
Me: It doesn't neigh, either it just kind of goes "bluhhh..."
Emma: It's tail is made of yarn.
Me: It has a turnip for a head.
Emma: We shouldn't have let Gabe make it.***
Me: That was a terrible idea. When did Gabe acquire the ability to make ponies?
Emma: Does he have a lab?
Me: It's his superpower. It is not so helpful.
Emma: He just goes "pfff" and there's a crappy pony.
Me: His only way to win a fight is to make them really big and squish people.
[we both begin laughing too hard to continue]

***Gabe has promised that when he becomes rich and famous, he will buy each of us a pony. When I annoy him, he will sometimes narrow his eyes and hiss at me, "I'm giving you the ugliest pony!"