December 30th, 2008


So, New Year's Resolutions...

... Yeah, fuck that noise.

This year, I'm not doing resolutions (okay, I probably will. Shut up). Instead, I am issuing New Year's Challenges to my friends. These challenges can be completed at any time during 2009. Some of them would, ideally, be done throughout the year. They will be kind of ambiguous, to allow for creativity in how you carry them out. You can co-opt someone else's challenge as well, if you like. Keep in mind, I WILL come back to this entry at the end of the year and do a follow-up, so take pictures of your accomplishment if you can!
The first batch was rather song-themed because I was watching VH1 as I sent the text messages.

Comment to receive your own!

Challenges issued thus far:
Travis: Write and perform a song.
John: Eat two animals you have never eaten before.
lllano: Learn a song in a language you do not know.
Jonathan: Learn to walk on your hands.
Amanda: Choose a theme song, and sing it while walking around.
poisonrational: Use something not intended to be musical as an instrument.
crotalus_atrox: Create a comic, of any length, that makes sense when the panels are arranged backwards as well as forwards.
wracked_soul: Every time you drink, toast someone. Alternate between people you know and people you do not. Moving speeches are preferred, but optional.
mekkio: Pick one obscure holiday that no one actually celebrates (there are all sorts of crazy real holidays every day/month/week that no one pays attention to) and treat it like a big deal. Put up streamers or banners, throw a party, send cards or e-cards if at all possible.
ramaxela: Commit a random act of poetry. Stand up in a public place, recite a poem in a voice that commands attention, and then vanish into the crowd.
n3m3sis42: For one day, speak only in song lyrics. Simply saying "yes" or "no" or other one-word answers are not allowed; you have to sing the entire line. And yes, you have to sing it.
apiphile: Avoid the use of any and all pronouns for three days (whether or not they are consecutive is up to you). Due to writerly status, I will give you a pass for fiction and poetry, but any correspondence (including LJ entries and instant messages) should be entirely devoid of all pronouns.
econ_cat: Make something into a real life lolcat image. It does not have to be a cat. It can be anything. Place a caption under or on it, in a manner that does not damage the object or its surroundings. Leave for others to find. Let the lulz proceed.
kakodaimon: Find someone you went to elementary school with on Facebook. Rekindle the friendship. If there was no friendship, instigate one.
slipjig: Choose one day of 2009 to turn into a musical. You can use popular songs or showtunes, or make up your own. If you want to go it alone, that's fine, but try and see if you can convince others to help you make this a reality. Bonus points for choreographed dance numbers.
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