October 31st, 2010


Writer's Block: How old is too old?

Are you ever too old to go trick-or-treating? Is candy for everyone?

I think that trick-or-treating is mostly a kid thing. By the time you are a grown-up, you are old enough to buy your own damn candy, and old enough to find a party or a bar or a club or some sort of public event where you can show off your costume and hang out with people your own age instead of running around with children all night. However, if you are above the age of 14 or so and willing to brave the ridicule of your peers by donning a costume and going around begging for treats? I will give you candy. Just walking around, no costume, demanding candy? Not so much. The exceptions are the adults and older siblings walking little kids around. Costume or no, that is a job that deserves a treat.