July 27th, 2012


Crazy Moving Schedule: Now With Less Crazy!

My family's contract fell through. So, as it stands now, they probably won't be moving before I leave for Mississippi.
Now, this is great for me, as it means one less major upheaval before... well, my major upheaval. Unfortunately it also means I can procrastinate with the packing, though I'm nearly done on that front. Just having a difficult time boxing up my art supplies, since doing so likely means "NO TOUCHY FOR AT LEAST A MONTH." Some of it isn't getting boxed; I'm just going to take it with me when I go, despite my parents' insistence that I will have ZERO time for anything but schoolwork and teaching preparation. Not sure they realize how close to "half" most of the assing I do truly is.
The panicking has more or less begun; the creeping realization that I am seriously under-read compared to (most likely) everyone else in the program. I haven't written papers in over a year, and even then I was terrible at it. My study skills are abysmal.

Current tentative schedule is: Leave for Hattiesburg on the 13th, various orientations begin on the 15th, classes start on the 22nd (I get to teach two classes and then take a poetry workshop; whatta first day), and in theory I should be able to move into my more permanent residence on the 1st of September.

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