December 11th, 2012


Stuff and things and things and stuff

Oh, right. That's a thing. A thing that is mostly over for the semester, now, but still.
  • Practicum - This is the class that started first, since we all met for orientation before classes began. It's sort of a combination "how to teach" and support group for the first-time instructors. Everyone in the class has been pretty awesome, and we're all desperately clinging to each other, going "are you feeling as lost and terrified and incompetent as I am? OH THANK GOD." I suspect there is some sort of bonding through shared trauma thing going on.
  • Readings in Poetry - The students in this class are about half poetry and half fiction writers, and the point is to approach poetry from a craft perspective. The theme is "covers;" we're going over works inspired by other works. The paper for this class absolutely kicked my ass, and I wasn't the only one--my other classmates were roaming the halls looking shell-shocked the day it was due as well.
  • Poetry Workshop - Oh god I don't know what I'm doing. I've been writing pretty much nothing for the past few months, so I'm barely scraping by in workshop. I'm also painfully aware that I'm supposed to be putting together poems that can eventually work as a cohesive dissertation, and I am not so good at that.
  • ENG 101 - MY BABIES. Or my ducklings, as I also call them. Oh, they are such a group. I teach two sections, and they are so fascinatingly different. I have a couple minions, and a couple sassbuckets, but no actual problem students, which is lovely. I'm kind of sad that only three of them will be in my classes next semester. A few more have said they wish they were (and they might not even be sucking up), but I think the freshman advisors just funneled everyone to my class early on. On the other hand, this means that if next semester I suddenly affect a strange accent, no one will call me on it.

    I have one more paper, due tomorrow (which I am avoiding by writing this), and then some grading to do before the 17th. Once that's all turned in I am going to sleep so hard. So hard. You don't even know.

Another thing I'd like to do is finish unpacking; my house is currently an obstacle course of boxed furniture in the living room (there's a desk there somewhere) and a spare room full of boxes. My big bookshelves are in the garage; gotta get my more muscular friends to help me move those. I finally have pretty much all the furniture I will need (except maybe a TV and some chairs to put outside), so now it's just a matter of unpacking, assembling, and arranging things. I hope to eventually have some sort of housewarming party. Maybe after the new year.

I started playing D&D! It's pretty rad. I just got my own dice (unfortunately they arrived the day after our last session for a while), which felt like leveling up in Nerd. The group is made up of other English grad students, and we do ridiculous and terrible things. For example, my character is a Gnoll bard who specializes in puppetry. Using puppets she makes from the bones of things she has eaten. It's... special. 
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