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I haven't done anything in webmastering in ages. Now, I just know that's gonna come back to bite me in the ass.
Don't care.

I haven't yet finished even the preliminary design for the site I have to make for Networking. My group will be pissy.
Don't care.

I haven't even looked at the music for our chair test on Wednesday. I'll wind up as the last chair player.
Don't care.

I had so many ideas for comics... So many things to do.
Don't care.

I want to sleep. I got almost no sleep last night. Went to bed at either 1:30 or 2:00 AM, I forget. Went to sleep a few hours later.
I think I'll go home and crash today. I just want to sleep...

The best thing about Notepad on Macs is that it saves whatever you type automatically on here. So if Ms. Mays tells me to close it, I don't lose my rant, I just re-open it when she's not looking. It's great.

Someday I'll write a story about two people; one reads the other's online journal rants because he uses the computer lab after she does, and he feels like he gets to know her even though he's never seen her and can never manage to find out even her name. Then all sorts of wonderful horrible terrible things can happen to her to make them both suffer, and he can read as she writes about how awful it is. Chalk that up to one more comic that will never be. Right up there with the Ben and Gloria bit, which started out as a short series idea and is growing progressively darker and more disturbing, though not necessarily much longer. Infinity (I don't think I've ever even mentioned that here yet, though I've had the idea for several months) could be a series of shorts or one epic. I may yet be foolish enough to do it as shorts and submit it to MangaEX or some similar thing for publication. Eh. What do I have to lose, besides self-esteem, photocopies, and postage?

In a little while I'll go to band, sit in the uniform room, work and organize for thirty minutes, then just sit there like a lump for twenty. Blah. Emily is no longer with us in there (something for which - and I feel bad saying it - we are all grateful) but Liz can be just as bad if she's in a bad mood, which she has been for the past week. Maybe someday I'll chew her out properly. Maybe. Probably not. I always have these wonderful long rants in my head, perfected to the word, ready in case they should make just the right slip, or yell just one time too many.
But the right time rarely comes, and when it does I am a coward and for once, I cannot speak. The only times I have something useful to say is when my words fail me completely.

My throat is dry. I think I'll go get some water during band.
My stomach hurts. Blah. Ate entirely too much this weekend.
I am so very tired... I want to sleep so badly... but I'm not sleepy. My eyes are staying open with no conscious effort on my part. And so I remain awake. Maybe I can take a nap in my car during lunch. I just worry that I wouldn't wake up in time for class.
Maybe I shouldn't bother waking up.

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