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I feel queasy. Urgh.
My multi-media teacher apparently feels the need to use up the computer paper we were supposed to bring in at the beginning of the year. She's been passing out the most inane handouts available - this most recent one details the absence/make-up work policies that have been in effect for our school since I was a frehshman.
She then handed out a packet of Fireworks lessons that apparently we aren't really going to use. Right now she's trying to figure out how to use the eraser tool. This might take a while.

Something that disturbs me about my classmates. They cannot shut up. Dear sweet god, Michael's mommy (our grade-level counselor and one of the sweetest women I've ever known in my life) came to our class to discuss simple things like caps and gowns and mid-year transcript reports, and they would not be quiet. The teacher would tell them to be silent, they would stare at her for about ten seconds, then they'd be talking again. Is there really something so very important that it can't wait at least until the sub turns on the movie and gives up on us for the day? Of course there must be, since they are incapable of shutting their mouths for a few minutes. Maybe I just don't talk much because that's my nature, but still! According to all standardized grading systems I'm probably the least intelligent in the classroom - so why the hell am I the only one who can figure out common courtesy? To give them credit, there were a few others who remained silent, but it irked me greatly nonetheless. And now the same in this class. And it will be the same in my other classes. It always is. Arrrgh.
It's astonishing how much I hate my peers, sometimes. Lucky I'm not a violent person or I'm quite certain many of them might have died long ago.

At the moment the guy in our class whose life is apparently not worth living if he must live in silence is making an utter pest of himself. I wish him not necessarily a painful and pointy death; but more that he will be hit in the head repeatedly with something large and heavy. Like my bag. Yes. Like my bag. With a brick in it.
Well. This latest handout seems to be a direct printout of the 'help' index on Macromedia Fireworks. Yes, it is. I checked. Way to go, Ms. Mays. Rather than have us click twice on our computers, let's kill a few hundred trees so we can print out each and every page for each and every student, because after all, we are so good at keeping track of thirty-seven different handouts. What a wonderful way to teach us that nearly every program in existance has a 'help' section allowing us to solve the vast majority of our problems quickly and simply - by not telling us it exists! Marvelous! Give this woman a raise.
I wonder if I should become a teacher just because I know that damn, I can do better than this. Teaching is damned difficult to do when you're trying to control high schoolers, I know - they've gotten to the point where they're bigger than you are, so you have to base everything off of respect. This wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that children these days (I sound old) are not taught respect. They are taught from the start to mock authority and all it stands for and while a healthy degree of skepticism in most matters is quite beneficial, an all-out disregard for those in charge is not. It doesn't help that most of them probably can't remember the word 'respect' long enough for the meaning to register. They'd rather discuss who came back from lunch drunk and who managed to avoid the cops and who blew who at so-and-so's party last weekend and how many cute girls they'll fuck in Cancun this spring break and how much weed they smoked right in class because the teacher was too oblivious to notice.
And many teachers are oblivious. Students can recognize when they're being taught by someone who has no clue what they're doing. I have had a few very intelligent teachers and I have loved them dearly and enjoyed their class. I have also had teachers who didn't understand what they were supposed to do, and thusly their class was not only uninteresting but was as far from being benificial to any sort of learning as humanly possible and succeeded only in leaving me thoroughly disgusted with the education system as a whole.
I tend to think in run-ons lately. Feh.

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