The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

This is the current state of thumbnails in my little sketchbook (In which I do all my planning and crap)
Second Arrival - 19 thumbnail sketches (either 1/3 or 1/2 way through chapter 1)
Cybergenesis 3 - 21 thumbnail sketches (all of chapter 00, the intro, and six pages of chapter 01)
Makenzie's Locker - 32 thumbnail sketches (starts at page 5, so this contains all the way through the remaining 6 pages of Set 1 and two pages of Set 2)

Here's the deal for each comic.
Second Arrival:
- Has a Keenspace account (i.e, soon as I think I can deal with it, up it goes)
- Has almost 20 pages scripted - for this version. Much of the first chapter has remained unchanged through the numerous revisions SA has undergone, so I don't see writing more as being much of a problem.
- Has near-fully developed characters who have remained much the same since their original conception (making it MUCH easier to write)
- Has a different style (I tend to purposely at least attempt to change my style from comic to comic. ML... I've no idea where the style originated. SA got it's start in Evangelion, still evident in the skinny people and small noses. CG3's style was based on Cowboy Bebop and Elena de' Grimani's work.). This means it'll take me a little longer to become accustomed to drawing the characters again without making them ML-esque.
Cybergenesis 3:
- Has a Keenspace account (ditto as with SA)
- over 20 thumbnails scripted, but moderately tricky to write while letting Michael have input.
- Michael, while loveable, has this habit of being useless sometimes. This would be one of those times. There's simply not enough communication for me to effectively get as much input as I'd prefer from him, so we wind up with me writing/drawing and then submitting them to him for any editing or revisions he thinks are absolutely necessary.
- I'm still not sure if cg3 is going to be a story, outright pr0n, or just a story with enough sex sprinkled throughout to attract a nice large fanbase. ^_^ (Michael, you DID realize I wasn't joking when I suggested making it a plotless hentai, riiiight? O.o)
Makenzie's Locker:
- My secret ambition is to finish Set 1 (basically, Day 1. Yeah. Slooow) with the next update. Set 2 will then begin. It will most likely be much shorter (with the sets each being about 15-20 pages).
- Must... finish... all... pages... (Links, char info, etc.)
- Has a demanding and cranky, small but frighteningly dedicated fanbase who insists I update. NOW. Meep.
- Characters have drifted from their original designs, making them more difficult to write.
- I cannot let ML die. There's way too much I really want to do with the comic. (they will suffer...oh yes...)

So yeah. Hrm. These are my three biggies (Lotoae and it's possible spinoff are on the back burner for now, so is WAF... though Ben and Gloria's thing and Infinity are both ones I want to work on)


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