The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Can someone tell me why my hands won't stop shaking violently? This is aggravating me to no end. I need to finish the update today; I probably won't have time tomorrow and I've got almost nothing done whatsoever.
Also, Geocities is being a poo. I can't upload all the crap from my Mac here at school so I can finish this page over the weekend on my own computer that behaves in at least a somewhat normal fashion. Ah, there it goes. But so sloooow... it's the only site I can upload stuff to through the school's firewall (someday I'll figure out how to get around it, but for now Geoshitties works fine and dandy)

Oh, we had an interesting time in the band hall before school. We discussed the crazy movie idea Nicole and I had whilst on crack of some sort, and we were casting roles. Thus far..
Michael to play the doctor with multiple personalities. (he is resisting because he is a homophobe, and one of the personalities is gay)
David S. (sexy sophomore David) to play the transvestite hobo that one of the Doctor's personalities falls in love with.
David A. to play the abusive husband.
Eric to play the abused wife.
Tim (most happy-go-lucky hardcore Christian dude ever) to play the token mopey goth-type character. (who is a woman, which means Tim in a dress! ^_^)
Shafer will be our artsy-fartsy snobbish director.
Nick is our tech man - every scene has at least one random explosion or fireball in the background. Perhaps the occasional flying cow.
Nicole will handle the soundtrack. (God help us all)

We still need a few more characters. *snicker* And I'm sure Nicole and I will make up a few more roles before this is anywhere near the beginning of production. wheeee~!
Fun, fun, fun.
And everyone needs to help me convince Michael that playing a gay man (only for part of the movie - the other personalities are straight!) would just be a test of his acting skills...

Tish, I assume you don't need me to pick you up if you're going to Ryan's? I'm not sure. e.O

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