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I hate it when people do this.


I own the Oh! My Goddess manga that person copied the picture from (It was from the storyline where Keiichi and Belldandy are stuck together, and Belldandy has to bathe with Keiichi blindfolded. Blindfold falls off, we see this panel - and then Skuld whacks K1 over the head. I can't believe I remember that as well as I do). See that line? That was the blindfold in the original. They copied it, changed the front of the hair and called it a character portrait.


Take a look at the other pieces of artwork in the person's gallery. This is quite obviously not their normal style. They are by no means a horrible artist; it's simply that the style used on both the other pictures is vastly different from this one. I've never seen any artist switch styles so drastically in the space of three or four days, which was when the last picture was submitted. Even in the thirteen days since the last one would be a bit of a stretch. What bothers me the most is that they didn't even bother mentioning that they used OMG 'for reference' - much less all-out copying.

I have now lost all respect for this artist. I will hold off calling them on it until I can get home and scan in the manga as proof.
Yes, I WILL be that much of a bitch about it if I can be bothered to remember. I hate it when people do that. It's one of the main reasons I don't do fanart anymore - not unless I can personally get it to the artist (i.e. an online cartoonist or actual acquaintance of mine). I acknowledge that many people like doing their fanart, and I do not begrudge them the joy of artistic expression. I just don't respect them for any sort of creativity, whatever their talent. I will admire an original but badly drawn comic idea infinitely more than the most beautiful creations from a fanartist. Remember when I bitched about the guy who just copied a panel from a Megatokyo art piece? Yeah. Same thing. Grrr. I have nothing against learning by copying. Most people learn that way. I just don't think you should 'neglect' to mention the references and direct inspirations that 'inspired' your work. I use the quotishness because mere copying, to me, is not art. Art is a personal expression. Copying someone else's personal expression is worthless.

Hrmph. Now watch me be completely wrong about the reference. That is why I wait. But oh, how I will despise them, should I be right...

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