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"My precioussss..."

Came home.
My baby (read: computer) was missing. The monitor sat there looking lonely. My scanner looked equally dismal, and I swear if my tablet had eyes, it would have been sobbing over it's missing companion.
Turns out my uncle deposited it somewhere-or-other for repairs.
While I am thankful that he took the time out of his schedule to help me get my compy back in line, I do rather wish he'd waited to see if maybe I could try hooking it up to this comp or even my dad's in a desperate attempt to recover my files. As is, I can only hope the folks at Circuit City know what they are doing and I get my precious back intact.

It will be back in two weeks.
*tears out hair*

This computer hates any and all FTP outside of the MS DOS-prompt sort with a passion, for reasons I have never been able to understand. I find I get along much better with this computer if I just let it go about it's evil little ways and try not to bother it too much.
For reasons also unknown to me, I can never manage to FTP to Keenspace through the DOS prompt. -_-; I am going to make a sad little attempt to at least post a message through my dad's computer... I fear for my life, however, as it hates the Internet.
So here we have a problem. There will be no ML updates for a full two weeks. This would be slightly less of a problem if I could at least promise a flood of new pages once those two weeks are up. Unfortunately, I also have no scanner and (while it's not necessary it helps beyond all reason) no tablet.
So the best I can do is ink all the drawings and color like a madwoman once I have my hardware back where it belongs.

In the meantime, once I have at least the next six pages or so inked and ready for scannage, I intend to see if I can't get some work done on some other projects. SA, CG3, and Infinity seem to be at the top of the list at the moment. So yeah.
Figures, as soon as I no longer have any way of displaying any of my work, I get back some semblance of a creative drive. Argh. Fate mocks me. It sits on it's ass and laughs at me sometimes, I swear it does.

I suppose I should be thankful this downtime occurred when Keen was going through another server hiccup instead of a time when there might have actually been a lot of readers.
Shame, though. By the 11th - before Keenspace went down like a cheap hooker (I love that phrase and use it whenever possible, thankyouverymuch!) - I'd had about 3,100 visits for the month. ;_; Pooooo.
Eh. Time to get to work on them thar comic-thingies.

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