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Oh goody. Drew is outside with a principal and the Multi-Media Nazi (aka Psycho Hosebeast AKA Ms. Mays) and there is flustered movement of some sort.
Poo. She returned.
Again with the "just re-do an assignment we already did in class, only this time it's a test grade". Urgh. She hands out instructions with random words missing and asks us to fill in the blank; we will be tested on it.
Use the Pointer tool and click the rectange again. Type new world in _________ letters. Select the text and change the font to Arial and the Point ____ to 55. Make the text gray, remove the italics. Highlight just the word "NEW" and make it bold. CLICK OK.
Um. 'lower case' and 'size'.
I hate this class. Bleah.

Last period I finished my quiz first and was asked to hand out papers. I'm always scared to hand out papers. I never know anyone's name. I don't talk to them or about them, so why learn their names? I have enough trouble remembering the names of people I speak to every day - hell, catch me on a bad day and I won't remember my own name, birthday, or address. (I'm dead serious. My memory is that bad.)

What do you think of the way you look: *hiss*
What do you think about your attitude: sarcastic but tolerant for the most part. I can be quite compassionate when I want to be. I can also be extremely empathetic if I don't take care not to think about things too much. I also whine quite a bit.
What do you think about life after death: It's a nice idea. Many societies seem to be firm believers in it - perhaps just not willing to let go? Hmm. I was raised in a very Christian environment, so I can't help but believe that there is something after death. Perhaps not eternal paradise, but something.
What do you think about karma: I can't say I think about it all that much. e_O
What do you think about love: Love is... what I got...
*smack* sorry. ^_^;; Um. Wonderful if you can find it, sucky when unrequited, and not really a problem if you don't fall in love at all.
What do you think about fate: I'm not sure. Sometimes I'm willing to be passive and go along with the thought that everything is predestined. And sometimes I want to be in charge. (gimme my whip! *crack*)
What do you think about yourself: I suck. (any comments saying I don't will be entirely deleted. Nyah)
What would you give your life for: My family and friends... if they were threatened, probably anyone. *shrug* If I believed in something enough, perhaps that.
What do you think about your first love: Hrm. Was an online thing. Heh. I was terrified. I kept myself as distant as I could because I didn't want to get hurt. We're on fairly good terms, but we've not spoken in months.
What do you think about the first person that loved you: Well, he said he did. I have a tough time believing someone could. But he had a lot of maturing to do. Heh. We both did. But now that I think on it, he really did...
What are you scared of: Unidentified noises in the dark. Sometimes. Fire, on occasion. Spiders - LIKE ALL HELL - and sometimes, heights.
What was the saddest moment of your life so far: When my church split, most likely. My abuelita's cancer would count if you were to squish all three years of it together. But it was quite stretched out and so in some ways not as bad.
What would life be without friends: Eighth grade! Okay, so I'm bitter. -_-;; Rather quiet, I should think.
Without family: reeeally quiet. O.o And not nearly so funny.

[the dream side of you]
Do you dream a lot at night: Not often. Lately more than usual. e.O
Do you dream in black and white, or color: Never paid much attention. I usually die messily in my dreams, so there's often lots of red, if nothing else...
Do you remember any of your dreams: A few. Mostly involving me dying. ^_^
Where is your dream make out spot: Umm... e.O I dunno. Michael's car? hehehe.
What is your dream kiss like: Romantic. *shrug*
What is your dream job: Comic book author/actress/musician. Sadly, ain't none of 'em gonna happen...
What is your dream house:I don't care.
What is your dream vacation: Colorado. Mmmm, Colorado. In the wintertime - I LOVE snow.
Do you believe that your dreams are a gateway to your soul: I hope not. If so, I'm seriously fucked up...

Parents names: Mummy dearest and Dadooo. Or Robin and Cesar, take your pick. 9_9
Do you live with both of them: Indeed.
Any siblings: Three: Nicole, 14; Gabriel, 12; Emma, 6.
Do you get along with your siblings: Usually. Sometimes Nicole can be Satan, Gabriel can be an ass, and Emma can be annoying... but not all the time.
Do you get along with your parents: I don't see them enough not to. ^_^

[do you...]
Do you write in a journal or diary: .... e_e Duuuuhhh...
Do you keep an organizer: I used to, but I lost it. I'm that disorganized.
Do you believe in love at first sight: I'm skeptical. I beleive in lust at first sight.
Do you believe that every person has one soul mate: It'd be nice. But probably not.
Do you believe in having a good education: Most certainly. It helps.
Do you believe in horoscopes: Pffft. No.
Do you believe in yourself: Not usually.
Do you shower daily: Sometimes more often, if I swim or do something that winds up with me dirty or sweaty. Whenever my hair gets seriously messed up, I have to wash it. e_e I can't brush it when it's dry.
Do you like this survey so far: Eh. I've had better.
Do you like the person that sent you this/posted this: As she said herself, wogs is a badass. :D
Do you cry easily: NO. I hate crying and avoid it at all costs.
Do you believe in Heaven: I'd like to.
Do you believe in Hell: I know a few people who deserve it...
Do you believe in reincarnation: Interesting concept, but no, not really.

Favorite day of the week: Depends. I don't really have a favorite.
Favorite ice-cream: Peppermint or rainbow sherbert. Mmmm, sherbert...
Favorite movies: Original Star Wars Trilogy, any of the Daria movies (do those count? heehe. They should), the Crow, What Dreams May Come, Romeo and Juliet, Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet... Um... lots more I can't think of at the moment..
Favorite actors: Kenneth Branagh, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford.
Favorite actress: Hrm. I dunno. I like Jennifer Lopez's looks, if nothing else. *shrug* and Kate Winslet.
Favorite quote: Too many to list. Way too many. *snicker*
Favorite music groups: Argh. Currently? (I'm including individual artists) Sugarcult, Reel Big Fish, Shakira, the Ataris, the Crow Soundtrack, Utada Hikaru... I haven't gotten to listen to my stuff in a while; I miss my mp3s.
Favorite holiday: Halloween for the clothes and Christmas for the family-type peoples. And I like other people's birthdays. ^.^
Favorite season: Winter. If not winter, autumn.
Favorite colors: Black, Blue, anything dark, silver... I love all sorts of colors and I adore coloring pictures because of it. I like contrast as well.
Favorite Flowers: Uhh.. roses? I've always been fond of violets and Mexican Heather as well.
Favorite school subject: Band for the people (... most of them) English for the teacher and actual class content.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend's name: I'm single.
Crush: Anyone who doesn't know by now has not done their reading...
Where does that special someone live: over there. *points*
Things that you like in the opposite sex: Intelligence, sense of humor, creativity (musicians/artists/writers are great. ^_^) sensitivity. As far as looks go... Uh.. *shrug* I love eyes and hands.
Are you a virgin: In body, yes. In mind... I'm a dirty child.
The most romantic words anyone has said to you was: He said he wanted to wake up every day with me in his arms. *sigh*

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