The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

my stomach hurts. >_<
and our Multi-media assignment, is, as always, repetition of what we've already done.
God, how I hate this class..

Hrm. Tish asked me (response to post below) if I had ever even thought about selling the rights to my comics.
I have thought about it. Quite a bit. Every now and then when I look at all the projects I have that I can remember, knowing that usually there are two or three more I've momentarily forgotten due to my horrible memory, I get a very strong feeling that I will never finish half of them on my own, much less every last one - and even if I could find someone to work with, it would take several lifetimes. Unfortunately, finding 'comic buddies' is not really an option. In my life I have met maybe two people who I feel totally at ease creating freely with. One I have not seen nor spoken to in over ten years. I don't even remember his name. The other is Michael, who has his own stuff to work on and need not be hassled about my perpetually unfinished creations. I can work with my sister on things that are humorous and off-the-wall, but I prefer to shy away from serious subject matter with her. Tish I can work with to an extent, but after a while I don't think I'd be able to produce anything decent. Certainly not an epic story, as mine tend to be. I generally dislike having people edit or alter my work because they think 'it should be this way'. No, if I had wanted it that way, I would have written it that way. So I work alone, or pretty much not at all. And thusly, I could never hire a partner or even underlings to do the drawings and let me write out the story, because the drawings have become too much a part of my creative process. I used to think in words, and now I think in pictures. This means the only descriptions I can do are in the details of a drawing, and the only words I am comfortable writing are bits of dialogue. So I have often wondered if perhaps I shouldn't give away or sell the rights to some of my stories. I'm sure there's someone out there who might want them. Maybe not enough for a fanbase... but some eccentric artist-type might. Something akin to giving a child up for adoption. It would break my heart to give away my beloved creation, but I would be able to handle it knowing it was for the better.
And then there's the angle I contemplate more often when I'm in a dismal mood; what should happen to these stories when/if I die. I used to joke with Ziggy that when I died, he was going to take my artwork and sell it. I know I would leave Michael the rights to some of the comics; he knows them better than anyone else would. I doubt he'd do anything with them, but eh. And then there's the others, the ones with maybe only a note here and there or a few random drawings, nothing detailed laid out save in my head, where the entire story lies. Those... I suppose those would be lost forever, then. My family would probably keep the artwork. Hrm.

My stomach is still bothering me. Urgh.

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