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I needed to get out of my house for a bit today.
So I drove around.
I saw Julie as I was stuck in traffic on Westheimer - cars were going so slow we had time to actually chat a bit. It turns out that there's going to be another art show tonight, like there was over the summer. A little smaller and such - apparently Marc and his friend who owns the warehouse learned how to do it right from last time - but it sounds interesting.
I am actually feeling moderately social tonight. (this is a rare thing. Usually any social time is used up during the day/at school) I want to go.
But get this:
Most mothers of 17 year-old girls would rather hang themselves than have their daughter run around the warehouse district of town at all hours of the night with an 18 year-old boy.
Mine won't let me go unless the 18 year-old boy goes. e.O
So if Michael doesn't feel like going, I stay home. Hrm. I hope he wants to go. I won't tell him I have to stay home if he says 'no', don't want to pressure him. But I would like to talk to him anyway. Hrm.

In Other News: My mood swings.
Dear lord. In the space of a few hours, I go from:
- Hating myself and everyone else in the world
- hating everyone else, but almost able to tolerate self
- able to deal with everyone else, absolutely loathing self
- not fucking caring one way or the other about anything
- being stuck in between any of the above and being absolutely confused in the head.

During any of these I can at least act chipper for up to and including several hours straight. At times when I don't hate other humans, I'm apparently fairly decent company. Sometimes.
No wonder I get on people's nerves. Hm.
Part of it's just not ignoring those sort of thoughts anymore. My mind has almost always worked like this, I've just kept quiet about it. I stopped. This was probably not a good thing.
Another part is I'm on my period and I always go a little crazy. So. Yeah.

blech. Had to eat dinner with the family. Urgh. Spinach, tomato, and a little pasta. And a lot of water. *glug glug glug*

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