The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Greg keeps bugging me about not updating the comic.
Sorry, Greg, even if I had access to a scanner for more than five minutes a day, and even if I had a computer that wouldn't start smoking with the number of layers and open windows coloring the damned thing would require, I still have no desire to update it.
Kinda working on that whole 'will to live' thing... not to mention trying to be sociable. Trying to remind myself that humans do require food or nutrition of some sort to survive. Trying to stand upright and walk in a decently straight line without falling over. Trying not to sleep right through class. And, of course, trying to get rid of this apathy that seems to have imbedded itself in my brain. Hrm. Good thing I already finished my college applications, otherwise looks like I wouldn't be going anywhere.
I swing between two extremes - I either sleep constantly or not at all. At the moment, we are in a 'constantly' period.
There is a concert tonight.
I did not get my dress altered. Damn. I hope it doesn't fall off. No one wants to see that. *shudder*
Maybe one of the smaller dresses will fit me. I'll try one on today during band. Warren probably won't let me go, though. Hrm. Guess I'll just safety-pin the dress to my bra or something to keep it up.
I have to rehearse with Robert and Nicole for our ensamble after school. Whee. It's incredibly easy. Shouldn't be a problem. Then I have to go home and obtain dressage. And then back to school for the concert. It's always raining when we have to wear those god-forsaken velvet monstrosities they call dresses.

But I like this weather. I only wish it were raining harder. Mm, thunderstorm.
I just realized I haven't checked my emails in weeks. My inboxes are probably exploding.
I think I'll take a nap in my car during lunch. And in my desk during homeroom. And at any other point when I can get away with it.

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